Past Speakers

6th Round
social sciences conference
Prof. Dr. Norma Valencio

Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

Keynote Speech Title:

Synergistic Crises (Social-Political-Economic-Environmental) in the Brazilian Context

Economist, Master’s in Education and PhD in Human Sciences. She is Collaborating Professor of the Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in Applied Social and Human Sciences at University of Campinas (UNICAMP, Brazil) and Senior Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar, Brazil), where she is vice-coordinator of the Laboratory for Social Studies and Research in Disasters. Until 2016, she was Collaborating Professor in the Graduate Program of Environmental Engineering Sciences at University of São Paulo (USP, Brazil) as well as Associated Professor at the Department/Program of Sociology at UFSCar. Currently, she focuses on synergistic crises through the approach of complexity and complex systems.

social sciences conference
Dr. Mihaela AgheniteiHighlighted Speaker

Mihaela Aghenitei is a PhD Lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences at the University of the “Lower Danube” and participates in a grant funded from the funds of the research project carried out by the University “Lower Danube” from Galati. She is an associate researcher at the Institute of Legal Research – Romanian Academy and a member of ELI and ESIL. She has published 81 articles indexed in national and international databases and 5 specialized books in criminal law.

social sciences conference
Dr. Mayowa FawoleHighlighted Speaker

Dr. Mayowa Fawole is an educational consultant and teacher coach with expertise in inclusive education. She has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education, master’s degree in Administration and Supervision, and doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership with Emphasis in Special Education. Dr. Fawole believes in educational equity for all.

social sciences conference
Dr. Garima TiwariHighlighted Speaker

Dr. Garima Tiwari is currently working as an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Admissions at the School of Law, Bennett University, India. Previously, she has worked at the National Judicial Academy, India. She has a Ph.D. from University of Camerino, Italy with full scholarship and was a visiting researcher at University of Oxford, UK and University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She has an LL.M. from University of Torino in collaboration with United Nations, Italy.

social sciences conference
Mr. Thomas PettinatoHighlighted Speaker

Thomas Pettinato is a PhD candidate at the department of Sociology, University of Milan-Bicocca. He has a bachelor in Sociology and an LLM in Sustainable Development, from the department of International Law, University of Milan. His research interests cover labour exploitation, empowerment issues, human rights protection and policy analysis.

social sciences conference
Mrs. Katerina ArvanitakiHighlighted Speaker

Katerina Arvanitaki is a PhD candidate in the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus in the field of cultural diplomacy. She works at the National Gallery and Museum of Alexandros Soutsos in the administration department. She have been awarded for her participation in the International Poetry Competition organized by EUARCE.

social sciences conference
Mrs. Birgit MitterHighlighted Speaker

Birgit Mitter is a doctoral student researching the field of European cultural policy at the interdisciplinary Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies (SCEUS) in Austria. Apart from her core focus on quantiative methodology, she is also highly interested in regional level politics and development. With her research, she combines knowledge from her studies in political science and data science.

social sciences conference
Mrs. Saidatun NajmiahHighlighted Speaker

Saidatun Najmiah is a PhD candidate in the Department Communication, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, University Putra Malaysia. She has a Master in Corporate Communication and works as Administrative and Diplomatic Officer Malaysia. Her research interests cover health communication, applied communication, interpersonal communication, relational communication, speech communication, persuasion and social influence, cognition and emotion, mediation and dispute resolution, and semiotics in reducing self-stigma.

social sciences conference
Ms. Masliza Che OmarHighlighted Speaker

Masliza Che Omar is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, University Putra Malaysia. She holds bachelors in finance and masters in corporate communication. Her research interests cover communications and social media, youth and new media and corporate communications.

Majid Asadnabizadeh
Dr. Majid AsadnabizadehHighlighted Speaker

Majid Asadnabizadeh is a teaching assistant and researcher in the Department of International Relations at UMCS in Poland. His research focuses on climate policy, negotiations and carbon.

Mr. Zekai Zhao
Mr. Zekai ZhaoHighlighted Speaker

Zekai Zhao is a student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Arts Management and Media. During this year, he was awarded the UTSC Undergraduate Research & Creative Prize for my academic research.

social studies conference

Dr. Zekiye Tamer Gencer

Associate Professor, Communication Faculty, Cumhuriyet University, Turkey

I am Zekiye TAMER GENCER, 38 years old. I have been working at Cumhuriyet University Communication Faculty of Public Relations and Publicity Department as Associate Professor for 11 years. My main fields of study are communication, social media, health communication, research methods, public relations and there are various articles, notifications and sections within the book in international and national magazines.

 Keynote Speech Title: Social Media Literacy

social sciences conference
Dr. Barnali SarkarHighlighted Speaker

Dr. Barnali Sarkar is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland. She was awarded a PhD in 2017 for a thesis on postcolonial identity politics. Her research interests include interdisciplinary sub-disciplines of environmental humanities and human geography. She is currently working on a project that explicates various dimensions of human–nonhuman encounters in contemporary novels.

social sciences conference
Dr. Elsayed Elshabrawi Ahmed HassaneinHighlighted Speaker

Dr. Elsayed Elshabrawi Ahmed Hassanein is an associate professor of Special Education, College of Education at Qatar University, Doha, Qatar. Dr. Hassanein received his PhD from Exeter University, UK in 2010. His research interests cover a wide range of areas such as literacy, learning disabilities, intellectual and developmental disabilities, inclusive education, teachers’ professional development, personality and mental health.

social sciences conference
Dr. Mustabshira SiddiquiHighlighted Speaker

Dr. Mustabshira Siddiqui is an Indian born- Saudi Arabia based Assistant Professor and Mental Health Counsellor. She has been working as a lecturer since 2012, and is currently working at the Department of English, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia as an assistant professor. Her research interest mainly lies in Postcolonialism, Feminism, African Theatre, Shakespearean Drama and their adaptations. She has written more than thirty five research papers and she has been published in reputed journals including Anglisticum and SAARJ.

social sciences conference
Dr. George Hikah BensonHighlighted Speaker

Dr. George Hikah Benson is a Ghanaian academic, politician and businessman. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Peace, Human Rights and Conflict Studies of the University of Education, Winneba-Ghana. He is author of over thirty (30) books and journal articles including the reference book published in 2021, ‘Ghana’s Development Under the 1992 Constitutional Practice: Gains, Challenges and Prospects’. Aside from being an editor of three books so far, he also reviews for many international journals. Before his scholarly engagement, Dr. George Hikah Benson was a Minster of State in the Republic of Ghana from 2005-2009; and is married with five children.

social sciences conference
Dr. Reem AbuiyadaHighlighted Speaker

Dr. Reem Abuiyada is working as Assistant Professor at Dhofar University in the Sultanate of Oman. Her PhD in social Work from Hull University, UK. She has published many papers related to the community issues. She also participated in numerous local, regional and international conferences & Talks. Above all, while optimizing her professional knowledge and experience, she has been actively serving different committees at Dhofar University in varied capacities.

social sciences conference
Dr. Zuhal Gök DemirHighlighted Speaker

Dr. Zuhal Gök Demir is an assistant professor of Faculty of Communication in Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey. She has carried out researches on the topics of strategic public relations, corporate reputation, crisis communication, public segmentation, activism, and brand personality. She has carried out numerous EU projects on women, aging, adult education, social inclusion, gender, environment, Horeca sector, and career management.

social sciences conference
Dr. Norma Felicidade Lopes da Silva ValencioHighlighted Speaker

Norma Valencio: Economist, master’s in education and PhD in Human Sciences. Collaborating Professor of the Interdisciplinary Program in Human and Social Sciences (ICHSA) at University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and Senior Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences (DCAm) at Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), where she is vice-coordinator of the Laboratory for Social Studies and Research in Disasters.

social sciences conference
Ms. Kanupriya RawatHighlighted Speaker

Kanupriya Rawat is a Ph.D. student (second year) in the Department of Psychology of Kazimierz Wielki University, Poland. Her areas of interest are cross-cultural research, sport psychology, counseling and yoga. She was an ERASMUS+ exchange student for 6 months during her Master’s studies.

social sciences conference
Mr. Etienne GateraHighlighted Speaker

Ph.D. Candidate at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, Field of socio-economic geography & spatial management. Current position, IT administrator at the ABB. Research interests: economic development indicators (labor, health, and education) the SDT for the SSA, and Fertility geographical spatial autocorrelation in Rwanda. World Health Organization (WHO) Rwanda, Community change youth project award 2012-13.

social sciences conference
Mrs. Katerina ArvanitakiHighlighted Speaker

My name is Katerina Arvanitaki and I am a PhD candidate in the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus in the field of cultural diplomacy.  I work at the National Gallery and Museum of Alexandros Soutsos in the administration department. I have been awarded for my participation in the International Poetry Competition organized by EUARCE.

social sciences conference
Mr. Julian LiHighlighted Speaker

Julian Li is a high school student studying at Beijing City International School. His area of interest is Sports Management. Certificates: Participation in the workshop of Business Negotiation, Integrative Negotiations, Distributive Negotiation, and Mathematical Models of Conflict and Cooperation with the associate professor at UCL School of Management; Participation in the workshop of Big Data, discovering the different types of usages for big data in the marketing of a business and the feedback collecting of a business.

social sciences conference
Ms. Naice UwitonzeHighlighted Speaker

I am Naice Uwitonze, I am a sales and Marketing manager at Nuru Ventures with extensive experience in Composing direct marketing communications. I have a bachelor’s degree in IT(Software Engineering). I am most interested in reading and writing about all kinds of topics but especially Humanities and Social life. I am certified as an above average candidate for the International Psychometric Logical Assessment Exponential Nominal Objective Mean Score (IPLAENOS).

social sciences conference
Ms. YanKanYuHighlighted Speaker

My name is YanKanYu and I am currently an undergraduate at Burapha  University in Thailand, specializing in international business management. Prior to completing primary, middle and high school education in China. I currently hold a certificate of junior accounting title in China, and I have not yet joined the work. I am interested in psychology, sociology and economics, especially behavioral economics. No international awards have been awarded.

social sciences conference
Ms. Yuan ZhangHighlighted Speaker

Yuan Zhang studies at Bishop Ready High School. Her areas of interest are the humanistic connotation and the carnival color of Nüshu-related festivals and the culture of Nüshu singing hall. She has received the 1st prize in George Sloyd Social Justice Writing Competition. She is Co-Founder of the online Nüshu dictionary and the youngest member of Nüshu Rap and Singing Art Association; participated Nüshu calligraphy tutorial.

social sciences conference
Rev. Wadigala Samitharathana TheroHighlighted Speaker

He is a reader in philosophy at Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom. He has also studied philosophy and psychology at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. In addition, He does research as an academic member of the Royal Institute of Philosophy in London, UK as well as American Philosophical Association in New York, USA. He is  also very eager to study philosophy of religion, science along with language.

social sciences conference
Miss. Zheng FangHighlighted Speaker

Miss Zheng Fang is now studying at University of Oxford majoring applied linguistics for her second master’s degree. Before that, she was at University College London majoring comparative literature for her first master’s study. Her research interests include language and society, postmodernism, as well as interdisciplinary learning of literature and science.

social sciences conference
Mr. Zexing LiHighlighted Speaker

He is Zexing Li, a senior student in Yali High School International Department, Changsha China. After participating in the workshop on financial valuation led by Raghu’s at Cambridge, He began a series of researches about asymmetric information. Besides, He won the Critical Thinking Award in National Economics Challenge and the Best Risk Management in SKT Investment Competition.

social sciences conference
Ms. Elaheh IsaqzadehHighlighted Speaker

Elaheh Isaqzadeh is an MBA student at Istanbul Aydin University.  She got the best paper award in 6th International EMI Entrepreneurship and Social Science Congress of 2021. She worked as Project manager in different National and International Non-Profit organizations in Afghanistan for 6 years. She also taught ESP  (English for Specific Purpose ) at university in Afghanistan for two years.