Conference Speakers

Mrs. Katerina ArvanitakiHighlighted Speaker

My name is Katerina Arvanitaki and I am a PhD candidate in the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus in the field of cultural diplomacy.  I work at the National Gallery and Museum of Alexandros Soutsos in the administration department. I have been awarded for my participation in the International Poetry Competition organized by EUARCE.

Mr. Julian LiHighlighted Speaker

Julian Li is a high school student studying at Beijing City International School. His area of interest is Sports Management. Certificates: Participation in the workshop of Business Negotiation, Integrative Negotiations, Distributive Negotiation, and Mathematical Models of Conflict and Cooperation with the associate professor at UCL School of Management; Participation in the workshop of Big Data, discovering the different types of usages for big data in the marketing of a business and the feedback collecting of a business.

Ms. YanKanYuHighlighted Speaker

My name is YanKanYu and I am currently an undergraduate at Burapha  University in Thailand, specializing in international business management. Prior to completing primary, middle and high school education in China. I currently hold a certificate of junior accounting title in China, and I have not yet joined the work. I am interested in psychology, sociology and economics, especially behavioral economics. No international awards have been awarded.

Ms. Naice UwitonzeHighlighted Speaker

I am Naice Uwitonze, I am a sales and Marketing manager at Nuru Ventures with extensive experience in Composing direct marketing communications. I have a bachelor’s degree in IT(Software Engineering). I am most interested in reading and writing about all kinds of topics but especially Humanities and Social life. I am certified as an above average candidate for the International Psychometric Logical Assessment Exponential Nominal Objective Mean Score (IPLAENOS).