Cambridge, United Kingdom (2023)

The 8th International Conference on Research in Humanities and Social Sciences took place on the 15th-17th of December 2023 in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The conference brought together leading scholars, researchers, and practitioners from across the globe to share their expertise and insights on the latest trends, advancements, and challenges in the field of social sciences.

The conference was a remarkable success, with participants coming from diverse disciplines, such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, and economics. The conference provided an exceptional platform for attendees to exchange ideas, network, and collaborate on various research projects.

In the upcoming edition of the ICRHS conference we’ll delve deeper into the major areas of science, at various sessions of the conference. So, buckle up and get ready to experience a journey through the ICRHS social sciences conference.

Join the forthcoming edition of ICRHS conference and enjoy its benefits!

Hilighted Speakers

Name Title Affiliation
Social Sciences Conference Prof. Dr. Norasmah Othman Socioeconomic Challenges of Indigenous People: A Case Study of Malaysia “Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia”
Social Sciences Conference Prof. Dr. Sonia Mairos Ferreira Unveiling Maternal Narratives and Experiences in Lesotho: Insights into Breastfeeding Choices, Practices, and Hurdles UNICEF, Lesotho
Social Sciences Conference Prof. Dr. Marine Chachibaia Love as the Foundation of Christian Moral Iv. Javakhishvili State University, Georgia
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Pattamawadee Sankheangaew A Problematic Study of Modern Japanese Philosophy in Thailand: A Digital Era and Globalization Mahidol University, Thailand
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Iacob Mihaela The State Of the “Green and Digital” Art: On Cultural Economy’s Twin Transitions The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Niuma Mohamed Examining the Faculty and Students’ Perceived Factors Contributing to Blended Learning Effectiveness “The Maldives National University”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Stella Chantzi Difficulties of the Executives of the Ekpaideftikós Omilos at the Beginning and During of Its Operation University of Western Macedonia (UOWM), Greece
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Olena Kolupayeva The Spread of Disinformation during Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine “Stetson University, United States”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Ruchi Agarwal Stuck At The Crossroads! Spirituality on the Move “Mahidol University International College, Thailand”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Chompunuch Pongjit A Culture of Individualism: Sacral Spaces, Spiritual Behaviors and the Consumption Experiences “Mahidol University International College, Thailand”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Amani Jaber Code-Switching As a Sign of Modernization in a Multilingual Community “Ben Gurion University, Israel”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Amani Md Sum Towards Effective Engagement: A Scoping Review of Strategic Communication Mechanisms with Indigenous Communities “National University of Malaysia”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Xin Yang The Built Environment, Health, and Social Determinants of Older Adults’ Walking Patterns in Singapore “Singapore University of Technology and Design”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Safiah Madkhali The Particle Bal In Qur’anic Arabic Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Cam Khaski Graglia Navigating Immediacy and Depth: Culture Clash between Victorian Serial Reading and Contemporary Social Media Culture “Autonoma University, Spain”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Halimah Mohamed Ali A Postcolonial Critical Analysis of Muhammad Iqbal’s Poem the “Story of the Diamond and the Coal “Universiti Sains Malaysia”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Susana Fernandez Blanco Voices of Saudi Women: Exploring the Artistic Legacy of Manal Aldowayan and Mawadah Muhtasib: Saudia’s Visionaries in Contemporary Art “Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia”
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Yemisi Awotoye Automaton Anxiety and Entrepreneurial Intention Gonzaga University, United States
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Laurent M. Chaudron The Trust Awareness Paradigm Theorik-Lab and French Air & Space Force Research Center, France
Social Sciences Conference MSC. Salar Dwlawer Hwaez Information Security and Privacy Rights of Social Media Users Survey on Meta Platforms Erbil polytechnic University, Iraq
Social Sciences Conference Rev. Dishon Chakma Issues in Promoting Peace and Harmony among the Indigenous Communities of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh University Of Kelaniya Sri Lanka
Social Sciences Conference Mr. Khalid Mahmood Ranjha Constitutional Environmental Human Rights in SAARC Member States Zhejiang University, China
Social Sciences Conference Mr. Jeffrey Kang Cross and Multi-Cultural Controversy Issues in the Field of Sports Psychology “St. Paul’s School, United States”
Social Sciences Conference Mr. Alp Bugra Kang Speech Acts Revisited: Examining Illocutionary Speech Acts in Speeches of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk “Bursa Uludag University, Turkey”
Social Sciences Conference Mr. Konstantinos Boumpourekas The Greek Campus-Academic Novel in the Meta-Postmodernism Era “University of Western Macedonia, Greece”
Social Sciences Conference Mrs. Tinatin Jikurashvili Georgian Versions of the Twelve Minor Prophets (Commentary of Micah and Amos by Theodoret of Cyrus) University of Georgia
Social Sciences Conference Mrs. Nindya Dhaneswara Exploring the Leisure Experience and Well-Being of Migrant Women Living in South Korea Chonnam National University, South Korea
Social Sciences Conference Ms. Sekinat Folake Akorede Sisters and Wives against Vulnerability: Theatricalizing Otherness and Power in Medea, Aetu and Their Doubles School of Postgraduate Studies, University of Lagos Akoka, Nigeria
Social Sciences Conference Ms. Joy Kong Yinka Shonibare’s The Swing (After Fragonard): Contemporary Art in Context “California College of the Arts, United States”
Social Sciences Conference Ms. Sophie Argyle “I Love It Here, It Makes Me Hopeful for My Future”: Queer Motherhood on Youtube “York University, Canada”
Social Sciences Conference Ms. Lyndsey Kim Linking Immigrant Health Seeking Behavior and Mental Health Outcomes in the U.S.: Exploring Byproducts of Assimilation “Academy for Allied Sciences, United States”
Social Sciences Conference Ms. Shuyi Li Writing Ethics and Social Justice in the Works of Chan Hokei and Seicho Matsumoto Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Social Sciences Conference Ms. Xiuli Chen Exploring Influences On Relationship and Marriage Decisions of the Younger Generation: An Extensive Review “Hanyang University, South Korea”
Social Sciences Conference Ms. Ziding Wang Exploring Potential Directions: The Transformative Impact of Integrating Psychology into Design for Well-Being “Tsinghua University, China”
Social Sciences Conference Ms. Alba Martinez-Rangel Effect of the Inducted Locus of Control on Workplace Attachment: The Moderator Role of the Desire for Control Univwersidad Externado De Colombia, Colombia

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